James Purdey and Sons: Loyalty From Royalty

Man With Shotgun and Hunting Dog Wearing Purdey Full Length Overcoat

Regarded in the shooting and hunting world as a genuine icon, Purdey have been around for more than 200 years. Founded in 1814, the brand possesses generations of knowledge and expertise as well as a keen sense of the rich sporting style in which they are steeped. This position as a trusted gunmaker has led to them holding three Royal Warrants, indeed as early as 1838 it is said Queen Victoria purchased a pair of Purdey pistols.

With such a rich heritage and pivotal role in their field, it’s no surprise that Purdey clothing Is manufactured with a similar eye on precision detailing and stylish function.

For this season, Purdey has added a number of new styles along with sympathetically evolved old favourites. Providing you with a fitting ensemble for each and every occasion of the season, Purdey use only the finest materials in production. This means their technical gear performs exceptionally well, while the social aspect of shooting is similarly well served.

With such a strong connection to tradition and of course loyalty from royalty, Purdey look set to remain at the top of the tree for many years to come.

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