Man wearing Barbour Wax Jacket Colour Black
Man with Hunting Dog wearing casual Navy Babour Jacket, Trousers and Dark Brown Chukka Boots.
Man wearing Barbour White Crew Neck Sweater
Woman wearing Barbour Quilt Jacket Dark Navy
Brown Barbour Travel Bag and Accessories
Pair of Barbour Nevada Chukka Boots Colour Beige
Pampered Dog Wearing Black Barbour Matt Wax Dog Coat

Man hunting wearing Barbour Olive Shooting Jacket
Man Wearing Navy Barbour Heritage Quilt Jacket next to dry stone wall.
Sitting Woman Wearing Barbour Quilt Jacket and Slim Fit Blue Jeans.
Brown Barbour Travel Bag and Accessories
Pair of hard wearing Womens Barbour Jane boots.
Shooting dogs wearing Quilted Olive Dog Coat
Country Gent Wearing Stylish Classic Flat Cap and Casual Jacket.

Barbour Jackets, Clothing & Footwear – Official Retailer

The Sporting lodge is proud to stock a huge range of Barbour jackets, clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. The attention to detail carried by Barbour is no more apparent than within their range of coats and jackets. Born out of a South Shields marketplace stall in 1894, Barbour is amongst one of Britain’s longest-serving and highly-commended clothing brands.

Barbour Mens Jackets & Coats

One particular product that holds a place within the hearts of many is the Barbour Wax Jacket, an item that regularly finds itself being reinterpreted with subtle nuances and design features. In fact, waxed jackets are now commonly referred to as ‘Barbour jackets’ regardless of the brand. Through stories of Barbour’s prominence producing jackets in the early days of UK motorcycle racing and the development on the submarine issue uniform during the war, the brand’s heritage is clearly something that acts both as an anchor and a source of inspiration to their latest offerings. It comes as no surprise that such an iconic garment has featured in the world-famous James Bond franchise in addition to the headline stage at Glastonbury. For a more casual look, the quilted jacket is another popular choice.

Barbour Womens Jackets & Coats

Shooting Clothing & Accessories

We also cater for the shooting enthusiast, with a wide selection of shooting jackets, durable gaiters, breeks, bags, socks and garters.

Barbour Sale

Shop our Barbour Sale Items, large range, up-to 50% off.

Barbour Men’s Clothing

Barbour Women’s Clothing

Barbour Accessories

Whether it is the lining of a pair of Barbour wellies or the inner collar of some T-Shirts, the ways in which their iconic tartan prints are incorporated into their designs are a constant reminder of the brand’s heritage. With a body of miscellaneous items that span from Dog Accessories to Shooting Clothing/Accessories, Barbour never disappoints in bringing sophisticated simplicity to all aspects of their production.

Barbour Boots, Shoes & Wellies

Approached in the same fashion as their clothing, the extensive yet varied range of Barbour footwear offers a shoe for everybody. From the iconic wellington to the modern sandal and their ever popular homely slippers , Barbour always find a way of bringing timeless style and fit-for-purpose qualities together. Their footwear is also a popular choice. Made from premium leathers to withstand the testing British weather, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Barbour shoes or boots. For more challenging weather, a hard wearing pair of wellies will see you well, but don’t forget your trusty hat and scarf on the chilly days.

Barbour Dog Accessories

Shirts & T-Shirts

Country fashionistas wear a classic t-shirt or a tartan shirt which can also be layered underneath a premium knitted jumper.

Barbour Bags and Backpacks

For everyday life or if you are going on your travels, a wide range of Barbour bags are available at The Sporting Lodge.

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