Highland Stag UK Game Seasons

UK Game Shooting Seasons

There are many game birds, wildfowl and mammals that can be shot legally within the UK. Seasons which restrict shooting of given creatures at certain times of year, and prohibit their hunting outside of these seasons, are in place to ensure numbers are not depleted.

The game shooting seasons differ across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the below can be used as a guideline for species-specific seasons. However, you should check locally before shooting anything which may have a closed season, as variations can occur.

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SpeciesEngland, Scotland, WalesNorthern Ireland
PheasantOctober 1st–February 1stOctober 1st–January 1st
PartridgeSeptember 1st–February 1stOctober 1st–January 31st
GrouseAugust 12th–December 10thAugust 12th–November 30th
PtarmiganAugust 12th–December 10th
BlackgrouseAugust 20th–December 10th
SnipeAugust 12th–January 31stSeptember 1st–January 31st
Jack SnipeProtectedSeptember 1st–January 31st
WoodcockOctober 1st–January 31stOctober 1st–January 31st
Woodcock (Scotland)September 1st–January 31st
Duck & Goose (Inland)September 1st–January 31stSeptember 1st–January 31st
Duck & Goose (Below High Water Mark)September 1st–February 20thSeptember 1st–January 31st
Coot / MoorhenSeptember 1st–January 31stProtected
Golden PloverSeptember 1st–January 31stSeptember 1st–January 31st
CurlewProtectedSeptember 1st–January 31st
HareCannot be Sold March–JulyAugust 12th–January 31st

UK Deer Hunting & Shooting Seasons

SpeciesSexEngland, N. Ireland, WalesScotland
RedStagsAugust 1st–April 30thJuly 1st–October 20th
 HindsNovember 1st–March 31stOctober 21st–February 15th
FallowBucksAugust 1st–April 30thAugust 1st–April 30th
 DoesNovember 1st–March 31stOctober 21st–February 15th
SikaStagsAugust 1st–April 30thJuly 1st–October 20th
 HindsNovember 1st–March 31stOctober 21st–February 15th
RoeBucksApril 1st–October 31stApril 1st–October 20th
 DoesNovember 1st–March 31stOctober 21st–March 31st
Red / Sika HybridsStagsAugust 1st–April 30th (NI Only)July 1st–October 20th
 HindsNovember 1st–March 31st (NI Only)October 21st–February 15th
Chinese Water DeerBucksNovember 1st–March 31st
 DoesNovember 1st–March 31st
MuntjacNo Closed Season

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