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Whether you purchase a Patagonia jacket, shirt, or shorts, their meticulous attention to detail can be found throughout their high-tech products that you can always count upon. As a result of pioneering apparel for the so-called “silent sports”, such as fishing and climbing, their expertise are applied right the way through from their waders to their accessories. More than just a clothing brand, Patagonia is a purveyor in environmentally-conscious fashion.

Patagonia Jackets

With a wide range of highly versatile and durable jackets & coats for men and women, Patagonia ensures both movement and protection from the elements across its outerwear. Lighter jackets such as the Torrentshell is ideal for layering beneath due to its breathable and waterproof nature, and larger coats that make use of microfleece and multiple layers provide the perfect solution for colder climates.

Patagonia Men’s Clothing

Built to last, Patagonia’s Menswear range encapsulates functional outdoor clothing that is as durable as it is stylish. The bright colours found across Patagonia’s Coats, Jackets, Knitwear and Pull-overs in their founding years went against the grain when the brand first introduced them in the 70’s. Those same vivid tones can be found throughout Patagonia’s Men’s range today, serving as a constant reminder to the brand’s preference for doing things differently, whether it’s a t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie.

Patagonia Women’s Clothing

Patagonia’s love for colour is especially evident in their Women’s clothing. Items such as the Baggies Shorts, that can be worn either for climbing or general outdoor use, are a perfect example of Patagonia’s dislike of the bland. As pioneers of the layering system, each item from t-shirts and base layers, to hoodies and sweatshirts, to jackets and coats, possess unrivalled attention to detail and maintain Patagonia’s desire for the rugged yet fashionable.

Patagonia Fishing

Although Patagonia is best associated with the world of climbing, their fishing wear is reliable and understated, with their waders serving as a good example. When their products are placed alongside their clear message of sustainability, it makes them the perfect brand for an earth-conscious fisherman.

Patagonia Bags and Backpacks

Patagonia’s love for hard-wearing materials is best found within their bags and backpacks, ensuring their owners can safely store all their essential gear with ease. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used to carry everything from your day-to-day essentials to camping equipment and expedition utensils.

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