James Purdey & Sons – Understated Luxury

James Purdey & Sons – Understated Luxury

Established in 1814 by James Purdey, whose family ran the business until 1948, James Purdey & Sons is one of the most respected and luxurious gun companies in the world. Given the level of craftsmanship that goes into one of Purdey’s bespoke shotguns, you could be waiting more than two years to complete from start to finish. All guns are still proudly made in Britain by a 50-strong workforce which The Sporting Lodge is particularly proud to support, especially being made in England. Having a Purdey gun made for you is an incredibly personal process, from fitting and almost every component is crafted to your exact specification, from measurements and weight of the walnut stock to ribbing of the barrel. The bespoke engraving alone can take up to 150 hours to complete, as a result no two Purdey guns are alike and it’s for this reason they are regarded as a sound investment.

Home of James Purdey is Audley House on Mayfair’s South Audley Street, which has been home to the gunmaker since 1883. There, you will witness first hand the rich history and craftmanship of the brand. Inside you will find the famous long room – this room on its own is filled with some unbelievable artefacts. General Eisenhower and his deputy chief of staff planned the D-DAY landings in this room! It has also hosted famous Heads of State over the last 100 years or so, and at the front doors of Audley House you will see shrapnel marks from a World War II air raid, peppering the pillars either side of the front doors, which is particularly poignant.

James Purdey holds no less than three Royal Warrants. One to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, one to H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh and H.R.H The Prince of Wales. George V had a pair of miniature shotguns made, who when bored at dinner parties, used to slope off, armed with his diminutive firearms and candle, to shoot moths attracted to the light. Purdey still make guns today for Heads of State all over the world.

We understand that for most people a James Purdey gun is out of reach due to cost, however today you can access the Purdey brand through their fabulous clothing and accessories collections, from a Purdey Jacket, shirt or tie to a Purdey fine leather briefcase or the finest Purdey hip flask or luxury gift. Purdey is a brand open to everyone who wants some understated luxury in their home, wardrobe or out in the field.

200 years on and James Purdey is still at the forefront of Luxury and fine craftmanship and you can shop the whole collection online at The Sporting Lodge.

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