Filson Joins the US Forestry Service

Fire Fighters tackling forest blaze in United States

The U.S. Forest Service is divided up into nine specific regions with region 6 being the Pacific Northwest. This is the same location that Filson have called home since the day they were founded back in 1897. This iconic American brand is aware of the enormous debt of gratitude that it owes to its home territory and the tireless of efforts to protect and preserve it by the Forest Service.

Man and Dog Surveying the Landscape HomelandFilson’s homeland is filled with mountains, rivers, lakes and streams and includes no less than five volcanoes and nineteen National Forests. The Forest Service ensures that this sliver of the 193 million acres under their charge are available for the public to enjoy – hunters, hikers, campers, loggers, anglers – now and for generations to come.

Filson are currently honoring the incredible work done by the Forest Service by a number of projects aimed at contributing to the maintenance and protection of the cherished lands under their watch. From restoring a historic look-out tower to photo shoots and interviews with some of the heroic public defenders who’ve contributed to making this incredible organisation an integral part of American outdoor life for over 100 years.

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