Filson ‘Might as well have the best’

Filson Since 1897, Hunting Jacket - Might as well have the best

Back in 1897 during the great Klondike gold rush a budding fortune hunter’s choice of clothing wasn’t just important, it was literally a matter of life and death. Surviving the Yukon’s harsh environment and freezing conditions meant relying on the best blankets, jackets and boots available. Which is perhaps why Filson, who started their business up in Seattle during the gold rush, have always taken the needs of their customers and the quality of their products incredibly seriously.

Workers in Seattle during the gold rush wearing Filson workwear clothing

Over a century later though their customer may now be more likely to be searching for fish in a river rather than nuggets of gold the Filson philosophy of ‘Make sure it’s the absolute best’ still remains at the heart of the brand and ensuring Filson’s global reputation for reliability, satisfaction and honest values is as strong as it ever was. Which is why they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products, such is the pride that they take in the extremely high standards of workmanship and craftsmanship that goes into everything they make. Now how many other brands do you know that offer you an assurance of quality for life?

We are so pleased to now be stocking the Filson Clothing Range at The Sporting Lodge. We hope you like it as much as we do!

by Neil Summers.