Filson Bags – Might as well have the Best!

Filson Backpack Bag

The origins of Filson can be traced back to 1897 where this iconic American brand started life by supplying workwear to swathes of workers during the Alaskan Gold Rush before later turning their attention to supplying apparel for the forestry industry in Seattle. Thanks to the rugged landscape and demanding nature of their early customers, Filson garments and accessories are now recognised across the world for being particularly strong and protective. Made using the best quality materials, the craftsmanship that goes into each of their garments and bags ensures they will last and look good for a long time to come. The tough cotton canvas and twill construction of Filson bags are also a popular choice due to their incredible strength, durability and practicality. Once you own a Filson product you’ll understand why their motto is “Filson – Might as well have the best.”

Filson Since 1897 Black Logo

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Filson Backpack Bag