The Importance of Maintaining Your Gun

Following the end of the shooting season, we explain the importance of keeping your kit clean and in top condition. Equally as important as the rules & routines that surround the safe handling of a firearm, making sure that your gun is in the best condition takes little effort & drastically reduces the chances of malfunctions & misfires.

Timing is crucial and the earlier you begin your routine of maintenance, the sooner treat this task as simply part of simply owning the gun and will become second nature. With shotguns and rifles proving to be a costly lifetime investment, the simplest of routines will not only ensure the consistent performance of your weapon but also help protect the monetary value of the item. When looking at preowned firearms, it is visibly evident which ones have been looked after in their lifetime, so those twenty minutes spent cleaning will go a long way in retaining the value of your firearm.

As for cleaning itself, a good starting point is to ensure that your hands are clean when handling the weapon. Duck blood has proven to be especially tricky with blued metalwork, often stripping the blue from your barrels over time. It is also wise to keep an eye on the condition of your cleaning rods and ropes as after long-term use, corrosive acids can build up that will damage the walls of your barrel even if it is made with chrome. You may also want to remove and clean chokes for optimal performance, being sure to lightly grease or oil the thread before refitting.

Now your gun is cleaned, storing your gun in the correct position and conditions ensures your hard work does not go to waste. Ensure you do not use a gun slip when storing your firearm in a gun safe and pick a safe without heaters or lightbulbs as both may over-dry your stock and cause cracking in the long term. You may also want to store your gun barrel down to prevent any excess oil from seeping into your stock.

By putting these simple yet effective tips into place, you should be able to hit the ground running and ensure a smooth transition to the new season. You can shop our extensive range of gun maintenance kits and singular items below.