Brady Products: Fast Forward to the Future

Brady Traditionallly Made Products at the Sporting Lodge

For over 50 years, The Sporting Lodge have supplied Brady products to our customers worldwide. My father, George MacFarlaine, began our working relationship with Brady by commissioning gun cases made to exacting specifications, for guns he had acquired from around the world. He would meet Mr. Brady on the streets of London when visiting auction houses and friends, handing over a list of requirements and measurements for Brady’s finest leather and canvas gun cases. This relationship continued, and my father’s input into bag manufacture, gun sleeves and cartridge bags helped inform the design of products we see manufactured to this day by Brady.

We have continued our long standing relationship and still have input into manufacturing new products and designs which we feel utilise Brady’s peerless talents. A perfect example; the Conway Creel, which we brought back to life some five years ago after manufacturing ceased many years ago, still confident that the creel is the freshest way to keep a freshly caught fish until returning home. We also recently asked Brady to make The Woodland and Sandringham game bags with hemp netting, which was lost in manufacture in the 70’s and replaced with nylon.

Here at The Sporting Lodge we have a passion for supporting British manufacture and the encouragement of young people into trades we see declining. Brady is a success story as much to us as it is to the dedicated workforce in Walsall. We continue to develop new and exciting products with an eye on the past where products were made to last from English and Scottish sourced materials.

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