Why Sunspel Use Supima Cotton

Sewing Machine Operator Manufacturing Sunspel Clothing and White Cotton Fabric.

Sunspel’s Sustainable Commitment

Sunspel’s core collection relies on Californian Supima cotton for several reasons, including its high quality, traceability, and environmentally responsible farming practices.

Sunspel’s Cotton Sourcing History

With a history dating back to 1860, Sunspel has always prioritized the sourcing of top-tier cotton and the meticulous tracing of raw materials. This commitment ensures that the resulting garments are comfortable, durable, and built to last. Over the past few decades, Sunspel has recognized the importance of environmentally responsible farming practices alongside quality. After extensive research and development, Supima cotton emerged as the ideal choice.

Supima: A Rare Cotton Variety

Supima cotton originates from the Gossypium Barbadense strain, the same as the world’s most exceptional and rarest cotton, Sea Island Cotton. Supima represents just 0.5% of the world’s cotton supply, making it significantly rarer than standard long-staple cotton, which accounts for 3%. Notably, Supima boasts an extra-long staple length, 40% longer than standard long-staple cotton. This characteristic makes Supima fabrics not only softer and more comfortable but also remarkably durable and long-lasting, setting it apart from alternatives like organic cotton with shorter staples.

Sunspel’s Preference for Traceable Cotton

Traceability is another compelling reason for Sunspel’s preference for Supima cotton. Every batch of Supima cotton can be traced back to California, renowned for having some of the strictest environmental regulations, limiting the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, and overseeing water consumption carefully. California’s stringent labour laws also ensure fair treatment and proper compensation for those involved in the cotton production process.

The Role of a Family-Owned Farm

Growing Cotton and White Sunspel Cotton T-Shirt Hanging on Coat Hanger

In fact, a significant portion of Sunspel’s Supima cotton can be traced to a single, family-owned farm in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Established in 1920, this farm uniquely manages every aspect of the cotton production process, from cultivation to ginning and quality control. The farm exceeds state requirements with its exemplary environmental and ethical standards. It practices crop rotation to rejuvenate soil nutrients, employs GPS-guided tractors to prevent soil compaction, uses drip irrigation to conserve water, and closely monitors groundwater levels. Furthermore, the farm contributes to environmental conservation by designating sensitive land for non-agricultural purposes and planting species to enhance the natural environment voluntarily.

Supima’s Role in Sunspel’s Products

Currently, Supima cotton accounts for 42% of Sunspel’s total cotton production and is featured in core products such as the Classic T-shirt, the Riviera Polo Shirt, and the Riviera T-shirt. Sunspel’s commitment to expanding the use of Supima cotton season by season reflects its belief that this cotton variety strikes the perfect balance between environmentally responsible farming practices and exceptionally high-quality cotton.

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