Westley Richards – A Rich History

Man Sat with the Westley Richards Medium Sutherland Bag

Mention the name Westley Richards to a certain section of society and they may drawn a blank, but to those who indulge in country life, it’s a brand synonymous with the outdoor lifestyle. Founded over 200 years ago, Westley Richards made its name through innovation and development, supplying arms to the British Army during the 1800s.

Like one of its counterparts Purdey, Westley Richards remained in family hands for a large portion of its history so far, only leaving the family in 1957.

As life and laws have evolved, so too has Westley Richards. During the war years it was pressed into action manufacturing a stream of supplies to those in combat, but when things began to settle down, so too did the demand for their wares and by 1957, the brand was set to change hands. Walter Clode took the reigns, injecting money of his own to stabilise the business, before focusing his efforts on the United States, famously more lenient towards ownership of certain possessions.

Around the same time, Westley Richards expanded into clothing, citing the short sporting season in the UK as prohibitive for developing the brand. By creating clothing with the same DNA that had established the brand, they could create a year-round business.

WWestley Richards has long been recognised for their exquisite leather products that display unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Handcrafted leather goods in Birmingham, England using only top quality materials and traditional techniques for over 200 years is manufactured at their workshop by expert leatherworkers using traditional techniques cultivated over several ceHand-made in their workshop in Birmingham, England using only premium materials and traditional techniques that date back over 200 years, these leather goods are handcrafted using only top quality hides from top tanneries around the world sourced directly by them and hand cut and stitched individually until every stitch is perfect and every detail precise.

Westley Richards leather goods stand as an icon of British heritage with their fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, reflecting our country’s long tradition and value of quality over quantity. Each piece produced is testament to this dedication; making Westley Richards leather products ideal choices for anyone who appreciates quality over quantity.

Through this, Westley Richards survives today, with a heritage to be proud of and clothing to rely on.

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