Paramo – Science with a Conscience

While many outdoor brands can lay claim to a heritage going back generations, Paramo is a relative youngster by comparison. Founded by in 1992 by Nick Brown, Paramo was a pioneer in its own way. As the general public began to understand that the Ozone layer was in disrepair, the use of solvent-based aerosols became more and more taboo. In answer to this, Brown developed a water-based solution which he named Nikwax. This enabled fabrics to manage moisture in a way that didn’t cause undue damage to the environment, and it also led to Brown to create Paramo as a permanent testimony to Nikwax’s impressive properties.

Attracting awards on a routine basis, Paramo remains committed to environmentally friendly solutions to problems posed by the great outdoors.

Paramo’s environmental responsibility is backed up by its social conscience too. While many brands manufacture in the best or cheapest factories, Paramo make their outerwear in Bogota, Colombia, with a workforce made up of women who might otherwise be at risk of the dangers of poverty.

None of these elements of the Paramo DNA would add up to much of course, if their gear didn’t look great. Thankfully, they’ve got that part covered too.

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