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Brady Bags

Back in the 1870s, John and Albert Brady from Birmingham founded Brady Brothers. The two made leather goods and kept the business within the family successfully into the 1990s. Brady bags have held a reputation for durability and high quality throughout the years, hence since being integrated into production with Jeffries Saddlery – joining forces with the reputability of the leather industry.

Brady Bags

2. Special Edition Maclaren Bag (£155)

Available in Black and Navy, this special edition version of the Brady Maclaren bag boasts not only a casual, stylish exterior, but also features a very attractive comfort factor and level of durability. With an adjustable shoulder strap, you are able to carry the bag across the body or over your shoulder. The canvas body of the bag is fully waterproof, features the traditional Brady harness leather and also displays smart features like solid brass fittings, which are designed to last.

1. Special Edition Gelderburn Bag (£205)

The oversized Brady Gelderburn ‘fishing bag’ is designed for all purposes and is made from fully waterproof canvas with the brass fittings featured alongside the classic bridle-leather trim. The fantastic feature of this bag is the large centre compartment, which is ideal for storing all of your daily or travel essentials inside. This bag features a shoulder strap and waist strap so you are able to decide just how you wish to wear it. The amazing thing about this bag is that it was designed in 1951 yet is still produced to Brady’s expectation of high standards. The Gelderburn bag is available in a versatile Navy colour.

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