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Gramicci Pant

Deep Green
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Product Description

The Gramicci Pant in Deep Green is a versatile and functional pair of pants originally developed in the 1980s for climbers. Over the years, they have been updated to meet the needs of modern mountaineers and urban dwellers alike. Here's why these pants are highly regarded:
  • Durable Material: Crafted from 100% cotton twill fabric, these pants are not only comfortable but also highly durable. They are designed to withstand various outdoor activities and urban adventures.
  • Freedom of Movement: The pants feature a gusseted crotch, which provides ample room and flexibility for freedom of movement. This design element is particularly valuable for active individuals and adventurers.
  • Integrated Belt: With an integrated belt, you can easily adjust the fit of the pants to your liking. This feature adds to the convenience and comfort of wearing them.
  • Zip Fly: The zip fly provides a classic and secure closure for the pants, ensuring they stay in place during your activities.
  • Multiple Pockets: These pants offer two side pockets and two back pockets, providing you with ample storage for your essentials. Whether you're on a climbing expedition or exploring the city, you can keep your belongings easily accessible.

The Gramicci Pant in Deep Green is known for its functionality and adaptability, making it a reliable choice for your next adventure or everyday wear.
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