About Us

Decorated Historic Break Action Double-Barrelled Shotgun
Born in 1930, George MacFarlaine was raised in India in the days of the Raj. When he was just six years old, George was accompanying his elders on shooting forays to the inland marshes and on hunting trips to the jungles for big game hunting in Northern India. He attended Sherwood College, a boarding school in the foothills of the Himalayas where he excelled in science, art and boxing.When he was 18 years old, he left the tropical climes of India and travelled by ocean liner to study engineering in Scotland. After qualifying in engineering, India beckoned once again. On his return to Bombay, George bought his first gun- a Westley Richards which was one of four belonging to an Indian Maharajah.

In the 1960s, George settled with his family in the Lake District where MacFarlaine Sports (later rebranded to The Sporting Lodge) was established as a bespoke gun making business and supplier of the finest shooting and sporting accessories.

For more than 48 years The Sporting Lodge manufactured the finest English sporting shotguns for customers worldwide, providing a bespoke service.

Using the finest craftsmen and materials, the family created a range of sporting guns including rare multi-barrelled shotguns in particular, the three-barrel single trigger ejector shotgun. We also sourced the finest English and continental sporting guns, clothing and accessories for sports men and women, industrialists and royalty throughout the world.

Sadly, George died in 2000 leaving a great collection of fine rare vintage shotguns and one of the largest collection of multi-barrelled guns in the world.

Today, our gun making past is behind us, but shooting is still close to our hearts. We source the best quality products and supply our customers with the finest quality sporting and outdoor wear.

The Sporting Lodge continues to supply our customers with the same attention to detail today as we have done for years. We have been working with many of our top brand suppliers such as Beretta, Fjallraven , Barbour for many years and stock products we believe offer excellent quality and value for money.