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YETI Tundra 45 Cool Box

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Product Description

The Tundra® 45 Cooler by YETI is a versatile and rugged cooler that can handle a wide range of purposes, whether it's overnight camp provisions for four people or drinks for a day on the water. Here's what makes it a solid all-purpose choice:
  • Versatile Size: The Tundra® 45 strikes a balance between capacity and portability, making it suitable for a variety of uses. It can hold overnight camp provisions for a small group or a day's worth of drinks for your outdoor adventures.
  • Durable Construction: The cooler is built tough with rotomolded construction, providing virtually indestructible protection. It's designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.
  • Secure Latches: The T-REX® lid latches are heavy-duty, patented, and designed never to bust, ensuring that your cooler remains tightly sealed and your contents secure.
  • Durable Hinge System: The NEVERFAIL™ hinge system features an interlocking two-pin design that prevents breaking, ensuring the longevity of your cooler.
  • Bearproof Design: When used with extra-long shank Master Lock® Padlocks, the cooler is Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) approved, making it a safe choice in bear country.
  • Exceptional Insulation: The FATWALL™ design allows the cooler to hold up to three inches of insulation, and the PERMAFROST™ insulation is pressure-injected polyurethane that locks in the temperature of your contents.
  • Temperature Control: The INTERLOCK™ lid system creates a form-fitting barrier against extreme temperatures, and the COLDLOCK™ gasket is a freezer-quality gasket that blocks out heat and locks in the cold.
  • Convenient Features: The cooler is designed for day-in, day-out use with features like DOUBLEHAUL™ handles made from military-grade polyester ropes, LIPGRIP™ handles for easy carrying, and BEARFOOT™ non-slip feet to prevent sliding.
  • Tie-Down Slots: The ANCHORPOINT™ tie-down slots make it easy to attach the cooler to your boat, trailer, or truck bed, ensuring it stays in place during transport.
  • Drain System: The VORTEX™ drain system is leakproof, rugged, and designed for quick and easy draining when it's time to clean up.

The Tundra® 45 Cooler offers the perfect balance of size, durability, and performance, making it a solid choice for a wide range of outdoor activities and adventures. Whether you're camping, fishing, boating, or tailgating, this cooler will keep your provisions cold and secure, and its rugged construction ensures it can handle the elements.
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