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YETI Yeti Espresso Cup 4oz 2 Pack

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Product Description

The YETI Espresso Cup 4oz 2 Pack in Seafoam is the perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts who value both functionality and style. These cups offer a host of features that will make them an essential part of your coffee ritual:


  • Espresso Machine Compatibility: These cups are meticulously designed to fit most espresso machines, allowing you to effortlessly create barista-quality coffee in the comfort of your home. This compatibility ensures that you can enjoy an authentic espresso experience.
  • Space-Efficient Stackable Design: The stackable feature of these cups is a practical solution for those seeking to make the most of their space. It's an ideal fit for coffee stations at home or in a café, helping you maintain an organized and efficient setup.
  • Mess-Free Experience: The cups are engineered to be splash-resistant, guaranteeing that you can savour your espresso without the worry of accidental spills. This feature is especially valuable in busy coffee shop settings or during those hectic mornings at home.
  • Easy Clean-up: After you've enjoyed your coffee, clean-up is a breeze. These cups are dishwasher safe, streamlining the post-coffee cleaning process and saving you time and effort.
  • Convenient Set of Two: The inclusion of two cups in this set is a thoughtful addition. It allows you to share your espresso experience with a friend or indulge in a double shot of your favourite brew. Furthermore, having an extra cup on hand can be a practical solution for unexpected coffee cravings.

In summary, the YETI Espresso Cup 4oz 2 Pack in Seafoam is a combination of practicality and elegance that will elevate your coffee routine. Whether you're a dedicated espresso enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates a quality cup of coffee, these cups provide the convenience and style to enhance your coffee-drinking experience.

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