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RoToTo Slub Crew Socks

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These RoToTo Slub Crew Socks use a rare vintage knitting machine that has a dwindling number of craftsmen with the skills to use, this simple low gauge sock from RoToTo uses a thick organic cotton slub yarn paired with recycled cotton that is combined before knitting. The sock production in the northwestern part of Nara Prefecture is thus originated from the area‚ centuries-long tradition of the weaving industry. And that is why Rototo places more value on manufacturing that requires a lot of discussion with factory craftsmen who preserve the tradition and history. Rototo‚ socks can be made only with a combination of the right material, the right machine and craftsmanship. They aim to preserve the tradition inherited from their ancestors.
  • Small - UK 4-6, Medium UK 6-8, Large - UK 8-11
  • 96% Cotton, 3% Polyester, 1% Polyurethane
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