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Red Wing Shoe Care Kit 2

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The Red Wing Shoe Care Kit 2 is specially designed for Full Grain or Nubuck leathers that have wax added during the tanning process. This comprehensive kit includes:
  1. Foam Cleaner (2oz): Ideal for cleaning your leather footwear, ensuring they stay fresh and well-maintained.
  2. All Natural Leather Conditioner (1oz): This conditioner is crafted with beeswax, providing superior water resistance. It's formulated for Red Wing oil-tanned leathers, such as Rough & Tough, Portage, Chrome, and Legacy. Please note that this conditioner may initially darken leather.
  3. Leather Protector (2oz): Use this protector to safeguard your boots from the elements and maintain their durability.
With this care kit, you can confidently preserve the quality and longevity of your cherished leather footwear.
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