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Leica Calonox View Binoculars

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Product Description

The Leica Calonox View thermal imaging camera is the ideal choice for professionals seeking reliable, high-quality images. With a simple touch of a button, this camera captures unrivaled image quality and offers digital zoom, pan, tilt, and digital focus capabilities.

Whether you work in surveying, geotechnical engineering, agriculture, or other specialised fields, the Calonox View delivers top-class image quality. Powered by the new generation of Leica Calonix Thermal Imaging Camera Technology, this camera ensures precision, accuracy, and reliability.

It is designed to be the perfect companion for land management applications, offering ease of use and capturing images effortlessly. Explore inaccessible areas with confidence using its digital zoom, pan, tilt, and digital focus features.

The Calonox View is built to withstand any environment, making it suitable for rugged professional work. Experience excellent image quality and reliable results in fields like surveying, geotechnical engineering, and agriculture.

With its powerful features, accuracy, and user-friendly operation, the Leica Calonox View thermal imaging camera is your ultimate professional companion. Embrace endless possibilities today by unlocking the full potential of this remarkable camera.

The essentials:

  • Powerful 640x512 px VOx Sensor with12 µm pixel size and LIO™) for impressive imaging performance
  • High-resolution HD display (1280 x 960 px)
  • 2.5-10x magnification range for detailed identification
  • 3000m detection range
  • Photo/video function with 16GB internal storage (plus live view)
  • Internal rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours operating time
  • Intuitive 3 button menu
  • Wi-Fi functionality
  • App available
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