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Purdey James Oak Open Tool Display Unit With Fittings Multi

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Product Description

Cleaning and maintenance is imperative for any gun. This exemplary Purdey tool kit, fitted into a hand crafted oak case, is a gun room essential, as well as a handsome centrepiece. Lined in Purdey red baize.

Contains the following:
  • Purdey Brass and Nylon 12 Bore Cleaning Rod
  • Purdey Brass and Nylon 20/28 Bore Cleaning Rod
  • Purdey Brass and Nylon 410 Bore Cleaning Rod
  • Purdey Turnscrew Vent
  • Purdey Turnscrew Lock
  • Purdey Disk Key
  • Purdey Brass and Nylon Chamber Brush
  • Purdey Round Nickel Oil Bottle
  • Purdey Nickel Plated Snap Caps for 12, 20, 28 and 410 Bore Shotguns
  • Purdey Selvyt Cloth
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