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Fjällräven Numbers Fjallraven Smock No. 1

Buckwheat Brown
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Product Description

The Fjällräven Smock No. 1 in Buckwheat Brown is a highly durable outdoor jacket designed for advanced outdoor activities throughout the year. Here are some of its key features and benefits:
  • Advanced Outdoor Jacket: This smock is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor life and is suitable for a variety of activities in different seasons. It's a robust choice for those who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors.
  • Generous Pockets: The jacket features multiple generous pockets that offer ample storage space. These pockets can easily accommodate the contents of a small backpack, making it convenient to carry essential items during your outdoor adventures.
  • Adjustable Hood: The spacious hood is adjustable to fit your head perfectly. It includes a visor that can be folded to provide maximum wind protection or offer more peripheral vision. When the hood is down, it forms a high collar for added protection.
  • Ample Storage: You'll find numerous spacious pockets located on the chest, lower down, on the back, and sleeves. These pockets are suitable for carrying maps, first aid kits, tools, and various items required for outdoor activities.
  • Two-Way Zipper: The front zipper is equipped with a two-way design and has a protective flap. It features easy-grip buttons that are fastened to the garment with corded ribbon, ensuring reliable closure and protection.
  • Adjustable Features: The jacket includes drawcord adjustment at the waist, an extra gusset under the arms, and pre-shaped sleeves to provide freedom of movement. The generous fit allows for layering with reinforcement garments underneath.
  • Materials: The Smock No. 1 is made from wind and water-resistant G-1000 fabric in recycled polyester and organic cotton. It incorporates extra durable G-1000 HeavyDuty on the shoulders, sleeves, and pockets, areas that often experience heavy wear and tear.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Fjällräven has taken steps to minimize the environmental impact of this jacket's materials and details. For instance, many of the leather details are made from spill leather. Additionally, the jacket is designed for ease of replacing exposed details after years of use.
  • Fjällräven Numbers Collection: The Smock No. 1 is part of the Fjällräven Numbers collection, known for its innovative and functional designs.

With its robust construction, extensive storage options, and attention to sustainability, the Fjällräven Smock No. 1 is well-suited for outdoor enthusiasts who require a versatile and long-lasting jacket for their adventures.
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