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Fjällräven Packbags

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Set with four pack bags in different colours with a drawcord adjustment that makes it easier to keep order in your pack. Three of the bags are made from supple nylon with a printed logo on the side. One is a mesh bag that gives a good overview of the content. The mesh bag can also be used as a laundry bag to "spin-dry" wet clothes in the field or to melt snow during a winter trek. Small sticks and debris stay in the mesh bag leaving you with cleaner melted snow. The bags come with an additional small nylon/mesh bag that can also be used to pack small items.

  • A set of four packbags.
  • Three colored bags and one meshbag.
  • Meshbag also useful for washing and melting snow.
  • Meshbag also useful for washing and melting snow.
  • Water-resistant
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