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Beretta Womens Extrelle Active EVO Pants W

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Product Description

The Beretta Women's Extrelle Active EVO Pants in Green are designed for hunting in silent environments, offering both functionality and comfort. Here are the key features and details of these pants:
  • Waterproof and Breathable: These pants feature the BWB EVO (Beretta Waterproof Breathable EVO) membrane, providing complete waterproofness and excellent breathability. This ensures you stay dry and comfortable in various weather conditions.

  • Silent Microfiber: The outer material of the pants is made of a soft and silent microfiber that won't make noise as you move through your hunting environment. It also includes abrasion-resistant inserts for added durability.

  • Elastic Inserts: Elastic inserts are strategically placed in key areas to
    guarantee maximum freedom of movement. This allows you to move with ease and agility during active hunting.

  • Compatible with Extrelle Active EVO Jacket: These pants can be paired with the Extrelle Active EVO Jacket for a complete hunting outfit designed for silent and active hunting.

  • Open Country Design: These pants are designed for hunting in open country environments, characterized by plain open lands with small forests and sparse vegetation. In such environments, the need for silence and breathability is paramount.

Whether you're stalking game or actively hunting in open country settings, these pants are designed to provide the necessary performance and comfort for a successful hunting experience.
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