Fjallraven Greenland Wax on a fabric surface, used for waterproofing garments

WHAT IS G-1000?

What is it? What’s the backstory?

G-1000 is a uniquely developed fabric originally curated by Fjallraven’s Founder Ake Nordin. Whilst on an expedition, he decided to experiment with a tent fabric. Ake made himself the first Fjallraven product – a jacket. Beeswax and Paraffin (Greenland wax) were then added, and the fabric proved perfect for outdoor clothing.

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What is it good for?

Both wind and water are resisted through this clever blend, as well as harmful alpha and beta sunrays. Durability at its finest. There’s no excuse to turn down an adventure when equipped with Fjällräven’s finest.

How do I care for it?

When Fjällräven’s famous Greenland Wax is rubbed into the fabric, the surface is protected and becomes water repellent. Because you are waterproofing your garment yourself, you can add the wax to suit your needs. For example, if you are trekking through dewy grass, more wax can be added to the areas you feel will be hit by water the hardest. For an overall waterproof jacket, the product should be evenly distributed over all areas of the fabric.

It’s warm outside, how can I wear the fabric and remain cool simultaneously?

Thankfully, Fjällräven have come up with a solution to this. Whilst the original G-1000 fabric is the go-to, Fjällräven have several other blends to cater for specific situations and preferences – genius!

G-1000 Lite

What it says on the tin – the ‘Lite’ version is lightweight and cooler – perfect for Summer or for one of those warmer days. The fabric is still woven carefully featuring ripstop threads – the durability of your product is still high, but the weight is low. Perfect! Fjällräven’s Reporter Lite Jacket and Vest are both available from The Sporting Lodge, and ideal for summer months.

G-1000 Air

With G-1000 Air Fjallraven have taken warm climate trekking up a notch. This extra lightweight material is even airier than G-1000 Lite, as it has a looser weave and it’s not waxed, allowing for much better airflow. Although this does mean it no longer offers resistance to wet and windy weather or mosquitos.

G-1000 HeavyDuty

G-1000 is tough, but G-1000 Heavy Duty goes a step further. Impregnated with Greenland Wax on both sides, it takes durability to a new level. This does mean it’s less ventilating than regular G-1000, so Fjallraven use it for products where resilience, rather than airflow, is a priority. This translates to reinforcement materials – on places that are susceptible to extra hard wear – and for many of our bags and backpacks. Where smoothness is required, Fjallraven use G-1000 Heavy Duty Eco S. It’s slightly lighter than the regular version, due to a finer weave, and it’s made from recycled polyester and organic cotton.

G-1000 Air Stretch

G-1000 Air Stretch is a high quality mechanical stretch fabric and the latest contribution to the diverse range of fabrics that have been developed from Fjällräven’s original outdoor fabric G-1000. The functionality of G-1000 Air Stretch is, as the name implies, perfect for garments that need to be light, airy and feel unrestricted to move in. Made with organic cotton and partly recycled polyester. As with all versions of G-1000, it is very durable and you’ll be well prepared for all types of outdoor activities.

G-1000 Silent

Ideal for hunting, the ‘Silent’ version of this wonderful fabric is brushed – the fabric is weakened but ensures softness and quietness when moving around. The Fjällräven Forest Trousers and Forest Parka are perfect examples.

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