Where do we start with Tilley hats?

Classic Style Tilley Hiker Hat Worn by Explorer

Where do we start with Tilley hats? In 1980 Alex Tilley was frustrated that he could not find a worthwhile sailing hat, so he decided to oversee the creation of some proper hats. The ideal hat had to float, stay on, be unsinkable, last indefinitely and most important look the part. Today, Tilley hats continue to be designed and manufactured with the same principles at its core. To create authentic products with enduring purpose for life outdoors, worn by fishermen, hunters, walkers or just a stylish hat to keep the sun out. Available in a full range of shapes and styles these high quality hats are popular with both men and women.

Ok, What really makes a Tilley hat different to everyone else?

  • Certified UPF 50+ and tested to ensure maximum sun protection.
  • Anti-microbial which stops the growth of micro-organisms, or is a naturally anti-microbial fibre such as hemp.
  • A carabiner loop to keep your hat at arm’s reach by clipping onto a backpack or belt.
  • One of my favourites – a secret pocket hidden in the crown and ideal to hide important items such as key, cash or credit card.
  • Anti-glare, dark under the brim helps reduce glare from water and sun.
  • All Tilley hats float, but that doesn’t mean you will!
  • Size cinch which is an adjustable bungee cord and toggle system adds an extra level of functionality.
  • A wind cord which again is adjustable and tucks away to add an extra level of security protection from the wind.

It takes 23 pairs of hands to make a Tilley Hat; a precise and practical process that begins with cutting the fabric and ends with steaming and packing the final product which is then shipped all the way from their own factory in Canada.

All Tilley hats are sized in traditional hat measurements, which unless you really know your hats can be a bit of a minefield, so here is a quick, easy guide…

To find your Tilley hat size, measure the crown of your head with a measuring tape, stand up straight and wrap the measuring tape around your head horizontally, parallel to the floor. Make sure the bottom of the tape touches right above your eyebrows while measuring straight around your head. Once you know your measurements, refer to the table to find your size:

Tilley Hat Sizes

Tilley Hats at The Sporting Lodge