The Story of Filson’s Tin Cloth – Clothing That Never Quits

Man Wearing Filson Tin Cloth Olive Green Jacket & Tin Packer Hat

As a brand with over 120 years’ experience of supplying garments that never give up, Filson’s story is one of timing, work ethic and is as every bit inspiring as their clothing.

Born in 1850, the brand’s founder, C.C. Filson was brought up to embody his father’s love for the outdoors, spending the first half of his life in the notoriously tough climate of Nebraska. Following a move to Seattle in 1897, Filson noticed the thousands of American prospectors that had begun to migrate North of the US border, all trying to find their fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush. These hopeful men were hopelessly prepared for the colder temperatures that such a journey entailed.

Seeing this opportunity, Filson’s Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers was established, specialising in hard-wearing goods tailored for those brave enough to pass through the treacherous trail. What made Filson unique and ensured the safe return of his customers was the honesty of the owner himself, often taking the time to hear the stories of the migrants and their journeys before using these conversations to further improve his offerings.

The Gold Rush couldn’t last forever and came to a halt, but Filson’s reputation for reliable clothing was now common knowledge for outdoorsmen along the Pacific Northwest. However, one particular item caught the attention of loggers and tin miners alike – the Filson Cruiser Jacket.

Crafted from British Millerain’s tightly woven canvas duck fabric, it is then soaked with paraffin wax and oil under heat in order to absorb deeply into the cotton fibres, giving Filson’s products tear and water-resistant qualities that would otherwise be impossible from ordinary cotton. To this day, British Millerain continue to exclusively supply Filson with their heavy-duty “tin cloth”.

What may come as a surprise is that this nickname, Tin Cloth, only began to gain traction in the 1970s after being coined by Pacific Northwest loggers. The term itself derives from the process of solder being applied to copper wires to prevent oxidisation, however they also used it to describe their items of clothing that had been waxed.

Today, the material still features across a wide range of Filson jackets, duffel bags, rucksacks, and other accessories – making them the go-to choice for loggers, tradesmen, and outdoorsmen.

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