The Real Brady Bunch

Brady brothers John and Albert started their company in Birmingham in 1887. In the beginning they earned a living making leather gun cases, though over the years their expertise was applied to other areas of baggage. Over time the construction of fishing bags became their bread and butter. With such a rich heritage, Brady is in a unique position today, known for their excellence in leather sporting goods and with almost a century and a half of history to back it up. Their most successful piece is the Ariel bag which was first sold almost a century ago and continues to live comfortably in the modern day. Each piece of the manufacturing process brings together a degree of excellence, especially in the Italian canvas and Scottish Harris Tweed that is sometimes used in their bags.

While big brands focus on optimum productivity Brady Bags prefer not to cut corners. The entire production process remains steadfastly in the heart of England, in the same region their illustrious story began. To make their bags takes seven separate processes, each of which involves painstaking skill which takes years to learn. Their vocation is a dying art in the UK, which makes their products all the more special. 

In these times of social conscience and sustainability, Brady is a brand with its foot firmly in the past yet primed for a fertile future.