The History of the Glorious 12th

The Glorious Twelfth Group With Hunting Dogs Out Hunting on the Moors

The 12th of August, or more commonly known as The Glorious Twelfth, is a coveted day for the sporting community of the United Kingdom. As purveyors of the finest outdoor and country wear attire, we thought it apt to delve deeper into the traditions and rituals that make this event what it is today.

The heritage of this event began in the early 1850s due to the introduction of railways that made travelling to the moors more accessible. It was also around this same time that the breech-loading shotgun was invented, removing the formerly laborious act of reloading from the equation. In unison, these two factors removed the barriers to grouse shooting and in turn, allowed more members of the public to take part in a pastime that was previously reserved for estate owners.

Preparations for the event have become more meticulous overtime as gamekeepers manage over half a million acres of moorland during the eight months of the off-season. Since red grouse can only be found within the UK and cannot be artificially reared, everything is done to reach the perfect conditions for the highest grouse yield and to ensure a successful day of shooting.

The bird itself is known for its unpredictable flight pattern and can reach speeds of 80mph proving to be a challenging target for even the most experienced of shooters. Once shooting has come to an end the spoils of the day are served far and wide to those desperate for the bird to make their menu.

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