The Filson Tin Cloth Bag: An Investment for Life

Filson Tin Cloth Bag

Filson’s Tin Cloth bags and briefcases were originally invented to serve outdoor purposes. Like many such practical products, they are now incredibly popular among all types of people, from in-the-know outdoorsmen to suave city-dwellers and office-based professionals.

There are two reasons why:

  1. The obvious build-quality
  2. The classic, rugged aesthetic

It looks great out in the fields, and equally great on the trains and in the boardrooms. So whatever you’re into and whatever your lifestyle, Filson Tin Cloth will serve you well.

That said, no matter who you are, investing in this luggage is no small investment. It’s a lot of money. As such, you’ll want to know a bit more about what you’re buying, so we’ve put together a thorough yet straightforward blog explaining what Filson’s Tin Cloth fabric is all about, and why it’s worth the price-tag.

Which Filson luggage items use Tin Cloth?

Before we get into the details of Tin Cloth, let’s cover which Filon bags and briefcases are made from it.

The short answer is, most of them.

And plenty more.

What is Tin Cloth made from?

This waxy wonder of a fabric is made from duck canvas that has an especially tight weave. Using 100% natural cotton fibres, the canvas material is made in its raw form. From there, it is soaked with a hot liquid mixture of wax and oil, which, due to the heat, finds its way into all the nooks and crannies of the duck canvas material.

The resulting Tin Cloth material weighs a hefty 15-oz., and is impervious to rain and wind, and durable enough to protect against tears and punctures, like armour. Hence the name ‘Tin’ – it might as well be metal.

The benefits of Filson’s Tin Cloth

  • Water-resistant
  • Wind-resistant
  • Tear-resistant

What else is the material used for?

Although Filson’s bags and briefcases are probably the most popular products to use Tin Cloth, the brand uses it for a whole host of other products too, due to its extreme durability – from jackets and trousers, to hats and aprons, to wallets and gun-sleeves.

What colours are available?

Tin Cloth luggage comes in four timeless colourways:

Which is best? Well, that’s up to you. And your tastes.

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