Sasta: By Hunters, For Hunters

Led by their upmost respect for nature, Sasta are a brand that encapsulates the slow paced & considerate culture that is synonymous with their homeland of Finland. Placing grave importance on doing things the right way as opposed to the easiest, their values seep into every action they put their minds to. From sustainable practice in both design and production, this old wisdom and way of thinking is best imagined as being passed down through endless Finnish generations of hunters.

Preparation & packing the equipment is crucial due to the vast wilderness where paths are easily strayed too far from. Although danger can be found in the most extreme cases of the British landscape, it is eclipsed when compared with the perilous terrain and conditions that Finland has accepted as an everyday reality.

It is in these most hostile conditions that Sasta was born, not out of desire, but out of a hunter’s need for appropriate clothing to ensure his safe return. As young man, founder Urpo Saastamoinen, regularly ventured deep into the remote region of Northern Karelia, a place that taught him to treat mother nature with deserving humility.

Using these lessons to guide the production of his clothing prototypes, Urpo had soon created his first outfit made from SARKA wool, a material that still features in the brand’s clothing today. The hunting suit proved so popular with his peers that they requested their own to be made – giving him the much-needed market research & confidence to kickstart his new venture.

With his newfound demand for his functional outdoor-clothing, additional products were designed and manufactured that were best suited for the various terrain and conditions the hunters would face. Proving the test of time, many of these silhouettes designed decades ago can still be found in Sasta’s line-up.

Following the ethos of designed by hunters, worn by hunters, the brand continues to work closely with local outdoor professionals to test their products in real conditions, handing the brand inside knowledge of the needs and suitability of their garments for every imaginable situation.

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