Photographer of the Day: Marvin Walter

Tell us a bit about you and your background:

Hi, I’m Marvin Walter, a 23 year old travel and adventure photographer and Instagram content creator (@marvin_walter) from Germany. I was born and raised in the region of the Black Forest and still living here. After school I decided to study Media and Information Science at the university Offenburg. That course of studies comes in handy with my passion for photography and film. Besides from some photography projects at university I try to get out and shoot as much as possible in my free time and try to travel a lot too. I love to explore the nature around my hometown on weekends and when I get more free time I like to travel to other countries too and explore them.

What was your motivation to start photography?

I started taking pictures around the age of 17. However my motivation and enthusiasm for photography started way earlier. In my childhood my parents took me and my brother for hikes in the Black Forest a lot. I already like being outside and exploring nature as a young child, so as I got older I was more and more fascinated by the beauty of the outside and the urge to capture these amazing moments began, so I bought my first camera. In the first two years I just took some photos having not researched into other photographers, I then discovered Instagram and I got really inspired by a lot of people. I really enjoyed discovering others work which inspired me to shoot even more and improve my own photography skills. After a short time I also started sharing my pictures on Instagram and loved getting the feedback from others. Even today that feedback is a huge motivation for me to improve and get better at what I love doing.

How would you describe your photography style?

I think it’s hard to describe my own photography style, if you asked my followers, I think they would say it’s “moody”. I really love taking pictures with fog included or some amazing clouds, It adds some kind of a mystic vibe to it and I love the feeling of these kind of pictures. For me the atmosphere gets way more interesting and enjoyable with a little bit of fog, but I really enjoy taking pictures at sunrise and sunset too. I think the best moments are when those two things come together and there is an amazing combination between light, fog or clouds.

Where in the world is your favourite place to photograph and why?

This is an incredibly difficult question. There are so many places I want to visit but for now I would say the Sarek National Park in Sweden, especially standing on the top of mount Skierffe and looking down to the extremely wild rivers in the valley is just out of this world. In general I really enjoy being in the mountains, that’s why I travel a lot to Switzerland, it’s not far away from where I live and the Swiss mountains get my heart every time. I also really enjoy a stroll through the forest at home and exploring new places there.

Where are you looking to travel to next?

My next trip will be to a place I haven’t been before, at the beginning of August I will do a two week road trip to Spain and Portugal with my best friend and photographer Fabian Huebner (@fabian.huebner). We are looking for some lonely and rocky coast sections, i’m already super excited for that. After that, in September, we will travel to the Scandinavian countries for three weeks, it’s the third time for us visiting those countries, you can tell we really enjoy it there.

What is next for you and your photography?

Currently I’m trying to get into creating videos, I have planned to create some short videos of the trips I’m doing this summer. That’s a new big challenge I have created for myself and I really look forward to that. For my photography I’m thinking about getting into portrait photography, but that might not be this year.

To see more of Marvin’s work follow the link below: