Photographer of the Day: Brad Matthews

Tell us a bit about you and your background:

My name’s Brad Matthews and I’m an Adventure & Travel photographer based in the heart of Robin Hood Country, Nottinghamshire. Growing up in the English countryside, I developed a deep connection with the outdoors from an early age, so when I picked up a camera for the first time I naturally gravitated to places of natural beauty on my travels.

What was your motivation to start photography?

I first got into photography as a hobbyist during the launch of Instagram. I remember scrolling through this newfound app that everyone was talking about and just being in awe of the photographs people were sharing. I started thinking to myself “wow, that’s what the world looks like at 5am!” or “Do places like this really exist?!”. Photographers from around the world, sharing their photos on Instagram was a major inspiration for me and still is to this day.

How would you describe your photography style?

My photography style is very dark and dramatic. Typically because I like to shoot in moody weather conditions like in the rain or fog. There’s something about these conditions that make a photo look very atmospheric and cinematic, films like Batman and James Bond inspired my ‘look’ in the early days.

What do you think makes the UK such a great place to photograph?

The UK offers such a diverse range of scenic locations. I remember taking photos in the Peak District at sunset one evening, and travelling straight to Wales afterwards to camp and catch sunrise just a few hours later. It was a killer on sleep, but a testament to what the UK has to offer, no matter where you live.

Having revealed your love for travelling the UK for its diverse scenery, where is your favourite place to photograph and why?

My favourite place to shoot in the UK would have to be the Peak District. I make regular trips there and love to see the landscape change through the seasons. There’s so many hidden gems for photography, and the small villages are rich in history which we need to look after.

What is next for you and your photography?

The next thing for me and my photography is making a conscious effort to explore new places regularly and be more spontaneous while doing so. There’s a bunch of places on my travel list which I’d like to tick off. But more importantly, look up from the lens every now and then and really appreciate these fascinating places around the world.

To see more of Brad’s work follow the link below: