Our Essential Festival Kit

Guide to essentilal festival kit of products

Festival season is well and truly upon us.. are YOU all kitted out? We’ve put together four of our festival favourites so you can learn more about them as we explain why they should be at the top of your packing lists this year!

1. The bag. Fjällräven Backpack (30 Litre).

You won’t believe that this retro lightweight wonder can carry up to 30L of festival necessities! With real leather straps and a variety of different coloured weatherproof fabrics to choose from (in Fjällräven’s signature G-1000), we’ve judged this the ultimate festival backpack! With two outer side compartments, water (or beverage of your choice) is just a small reach away, along with the all important safety pocket in the top lid, ideal for your mobile phone or music player. Our favourite feature of this bag is in the wearing – the more rugged and worn it gets, the better it looks in our opinion! Have a look for yourself!

2. The pillow. Fjällräven Travel Pillow.

Heading to an overnight festival? Possibly preparing for a few nights of fun, wishing for nothing more than to collapse into bed at the end of the night and be in a cocoon of comfort and plushness. Sounds like an exaggeration doesn’t it? Well we kid you not, this value for money saviour promises to command your wish of just that! Nobody wants to be lugging round their own bed pillow, with the possibility of it getting dirty or ruined. This tiny treasure travel pillow copes with moisture and nasty weather conditions, ensuring your comfort for the best nights sleep possible at a noisy festival. The red colour means you will always be able to find it, and it also comes in its very own pack bag. How cute.

3. The jacket. Fjällräven Greenland Jacket.

Available in women’s and men’s sizes, this beauty of a jacket is THE jacket of the season, combining weatherproof features with true, classic Fjällräven style – which helps the jacket reign supreme as one of Fjallraven’s top selling products. This 6-pocketed marvel leaves no room for improvement, and there’s a pocket for just about everything (possibly excluding the kitchen sink). Also equipped with a hood, once you’re zipped up you’re well and truly ready for anything a festival throws at you! A wide range of colours also enables you to pick a colour to go with any outfit!

Available to buy online as both Women’s Greenland Jacket and Men’s Greenland Jacket.

4. The flask. Fjällräven Limited Edition 10oz Flask and Cup.

The festival go-er’s best friend. Providing nutrients, energy and an option for warmth, all from one packable vessel. We present to you, a unique stainless steel flask, bound in brown leather, and not one but two cups, reads to serve the beverage of your choice. We don’t know about you but when we queue up at a festival, excited to get coffee at the coffee stall, our thoughts are going wild at the thought of a warm beverage tantalizing our tastebuds.. until we see the price. For a stylish and durable casing to protect and preserve your favourite drink, look no further, we’ve got it covered.

We hope you love all the pieces we’ve picked out for you – but remember, we also have a full range of festival clothing and accessories in our festival shop, all available for immediate dispatch!