Helinox: Perfect Pack-Away Outdoor Furniture

As a relatively new company founded only in 2009, Helinox has shot to stardom in the outdoor camping furniture world, winning several design awards for their reinvention of cumbersome and tired-looking category.

Understanding the hardships of camping and hiking trips alike, outdoor chairs and furniture are a luxury that everyday people cannot afford without multiple trips to the car. All too often, trips are spent having to find the nearest rock or flat surface for a makeshift relaxation station, knowing full well that their comfort is simply a short-lived illusion.

Unsatisfied with the weight and lack of compromise from your everyday furniture, Helinox designed their range on three key pillars – portability, durability, and aesthetics. The outcome? An all-around solution that stands head and shoulders above the energy-sapping camp chairs and tables of the past.

Through technical know-how and premium materials, relaxation can now be achieved in any setting, whether that be hiking across hilled regions, a long day at the beach, or even taking your chair for a sunbathe in the garden. In fact, after using the chairs, users may experience thoughts of despair and longing as they make do with the previous sofa settlements of yesterday.

The secret of achieving such heights lays in the borrowing of the tent pole technology provided by DAC, the creators of the first tent pole engineered for large modern tent structures. The aluminium alloy tubing itself is responsible for removing almost all the weight, and when combined with custom designed joint components made from high-strength nylon, the result is a maximum strength, minimum weight take-me-anywhere lifestyle enabler.

Now available with a range of accessories to make things even more enjoyable, shop the latest Helinox range below: