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Swedish outdoor brand Fjallraven are currently celebrating 50 years since the arrival of their iconic Greenland coat and as part of this jacket based jubilee they’ve put together a very special version of their Kanken bag. The Kanken Greenland also makes up part of the ‘Greenland Updated’ collection which comprises of a number of Fjallraven products each inspired by a new generation of people now living in Greenland – scientists and nature enthusiasts from all over the world who’ve left their homes in order to explore this pristine island. As well as providing the inspiration for Fjallraven’s first product Greenland is also home to the world’s second biggest ice sheet which plays a pivotal role in global climate change. Its sheer sun-reflecting ability moderates global temperatures, while its meltwater mitigates ocean circulation patterns. So if the entire ice sheet were to melt, global sea levels would rise by 7.2m, hence the need for some well dressed scientists to  be there.

Greenland Jacket Comparison 1968 and 2018
Greenland Jacket then and now

The updated Greenland version of the Kanken joins the an impressive range that now includes the Mini Kanken, the Kanken Laptop, the  KankenBig, the upcycled Re-Kanken and the leather-detailed Kanken No. 2. This new Greenland version features the same classic design buy uses an updated G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco fabric that’s slightly thicker than the original  Kanken. Whilst the fabric is produced (in part) from recycled materials and has been waterproofed without the use of perfluorocarbons. As an additional touch the webbing straps have been given a lovely striped detailing, which matches the detailing on the other items in the Greenland series.

by Neil Summers.

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