Fjällräven – G1000

Using Greenland Wax to protect G-1000 Fjallraven Clothing

Whilst a lot of today’s outdoor clothing use lightweight fabrics as their main selling point, this is not the most important factor when it comes to Swedish brand Fjällräven. Their clothing,  especially the Fjallraven numbers range prefers a more substantial weight in their fabrics thanks to their product consultant and ex-military equipment tester Johan Skullman. A man of  considerable knowledge and experience who has found that in the most demanding conditions lightweight products are often prone to tears and rips just when you need them the most. So with this in mind jackets such as the Fjallraven Anorak number 8 have been designed with a heavier, tougher fabric construction using the wind and water resistant Fjallraven G-1000 Eco and G-1000 HeavyDuty fabrics on the shoulders, sleeves and extended back. This next level anorak also features several useful ventilation zips to help regulate temperature alongside plenty of super practical pockets including a versatile kangaroo pouch on the front, that’s accessible from both the top and the sides. The additional use of greenland wax also adds to the durability and waterproofing of Fjällräven jackets which is made specifically to be with G-1000 fabric that contains a combination of high-quality paraffin and beeswax, which is far kinder towards the environment than chemical-based products.

To complement their incredible range of jackets Fjallraven also has some equally impressive trousers and shirts that also uses their trademark G-1000 fabric. The substantial Fjallraven mountaineering shirt Number 3 for example at first look may appear to be classic alpinist attire made from soft, warm shetland wool but it has also been reinforced with G-1000 material on the elbows, shoulders, back and hips to reduce friction. Whilst Fjallraven trousers such as the Barents Pro are made entirely from G-1000 which is further reinforced on the rear and knees. The knee section also has pockets on them into which Fjällräven knee pads can also be inserted for additional comfort whilst kneeling down to peg a tent, taking aim whilst hunting or maybe even making a marriage proposal in the great outdoors!

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by Neil Summers