Fjallraven: Conscious Hunting

“Let nothing disturb your focus”

Conscious hunting, as all hunting should be, is a genuine game conserving activity that requires unconditional respect for nature, the animals, and the ecosystem they create together. For Fjällräven their focus is about being conscious of their place, role, and responsibility within hunting.

Fjällräven encourage balance against a focus on trophies. Trusted equipment for the conscious hunter us arguably, the most important part.

Regardless of what type of hunting you partake in; nothing should disturb your focus. For this reason, Fjällräven developed a versatile system of clothing and equipment that delivers unmatched performance. Combining optimal fit and long-lasting durability means they produce functional, hunting-specific details.

Where the Fjällräven hunting collection differs, is the quality and wear of products. If you are looking for a kit to last you a lifetime, start here. Choosing the correct hunting kit begins with building the multilayer principle. Each piece has been driven with versatility and individual adaptation. To appeal and satisfy the most discerning demands of consumers, Fjällräven’s hunting collection is divided into four parts, or families. These are particularly helpful for selecting garments when you customize your equipment.

How you combine the collections depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you’re the Scottish hunter, whose kit must be subjected to stalking in the highlands, the Varmland family of garments would be ideal for you. Designed for less active hunting when there is lots of long hours and stillness involved the main attributes of this family is warmth and comfort. They’re also adapted to cover you in the rainy outdoors and muddy terrain- which of course never goes amiss in Scotland.

Alternatively, you could be the global hunter, whose interest lies with hunting in warmer climates. Breathable, lightweight but robust garments will be at the top of your agenda. A perfect companion for long hunting days would be a Singi backpack. The Singi backpacks are customizable, so for those who like to be prepared, you can fill these backpacks till your heart is content. Robust, hardwearing, and designed with agility in mind, you can’t go wrong with the Singi range.

For those in colder climates, the Lappland collection will be your ideal kit. The garments in the Lappland family are designed with active hunting in mind- when there is often a lot of physical exertion involved. Focus is therefore, revolved around freedom of movement, ventilation and of course it wouldn’t be Fjällräven without durability!

Of course, the collections of Fjallraven hunting scope further than those just mentioned. It is this extensive range that allows every individual to be covered depending on your specific needs and desires.

If you’re going to start anywhere, start with Fjällräven.

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