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As the leaves start to take an autumnal tumble, the brand for all seasons once again comes into its own. The phrase conscious hunting is woven into the DNA of Fjallraven, with a lifetime in the outdoors on which to draw inspiration.

The concept of Conscious Hunting relates to ensuring every item to bear the arctic fox logo is fit for purpose and lends a hand to its wearer when they most need it. The most serious hunters will take their clothing just as seriously as their gun – everything must be considered. The dedicated range of hunting clothing and equipment from Fjallraven takes into account the need for silent fabrics and unhindered freedom of movement which all give the hunter that perfect platform to excel. In addition to this, acknowledging the needs of different kinds of hunters, Fjallraven have developed a number of items of clothing with a specific purpose in mind.

Hunters Sitting Round Campfire in Forrest

Ready? Name, Fire?

In the wild, the animal which lends Fjallraven its name also shares many of its characteristics. The Vulpes lagopus is better known as the arctic fox.

A mammal with a natural ability to survive in desperately low temperatures, it has furry soles, short ears, and a short muzzle—all-important adaptations to the inhospitable environment it lives in. As the seasons change, so does the arctic fox, never going into hibernation and always making sure it is ready for the change in temperature. It’s easy to see how this hardy animal inspired its namesake.

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