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The foundation for any outfit should always start with your footwear whether heading out for a day in the field or braving the big city, your feet should come first. When the mercury plummets and the cold nights draw in, a beautifully made pair of boots should be your first consideration if you’re aiming to look good whilst staying warm and dry. So we’ve decided to focus on one of our favourite brands who are really going places when it comes to finding the best boots out there.

Fit for a lady

Dubarry Brown BootsIn the heart of Galway on Ireland’s breath-takingly beautiful West coast lies the small town of Ballinasloe. Located at a crossing point of the river Suck the town has been meeting place since ancient times and is also home to one of the oldest horse fairs in Europe. It was in this bucolic setting that the company Dubarry was established in 1937 to providee local employment for the growing population. In those early days the company drew on the expertise of the hard working craftsmen and women to design and manufacture fine leather shoes, gaining them a reputation that would spread far and wide.

The name Dubarry was chosen by the owners as they were seeking to differentiate themselves from other Irish brands as well as wanting to introduce a continental European flavour to their new enterprise. The source of inspiration being one Jeanne Bécu was born in Lorraine, France, the illegitimate daughter of Anne Bécu, a woman of enticing beauty, who despite her humble beginnings as a seamstress saw her become a well respected and highly privileged member of the palace of Versailles’s decadent entourage during 18th century. Using her striking looks to take several aristocrats as lovers, Jeanne eventually married Comte Guillaume du Barry in 1768 and thus becoming Madame du Barry. In the same year she attracted the attention of Louis XV whilst on an errand at the palace and became one of France’s most well-known courtesans as well as Louis’s mistress.

Aside from French aristocracy further inspiration for Dubarry came from the wild West coast of Ireland and Galway’s impressive sailing heritage as well as the magnificent countryside surrounding them. Nearly 80 years on the company’s continued success has seen them expand their footwear range as well as incorporating premium performance clothing and accessories into the brand. They’ve also spread their wings further afield to create an international sourcing network to provide them with the highest standards, materials and designs for each of their products.

Dubarry of Ireland’s most popular ladies boot ‘the Galway’ is a classic example of how their expertise is used to perfectly merge together luxury with high performance functionality. Creating a pair of finely crafted boots that are built to last and will look at home when worn in both town and country.

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