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Classic RRL Clothing by Ralph Lauren

While Polo Ralph Lauren is chiefly known for its soft-tailored sportswear and Ivy League designs, the RRL (pronounced ‘Double R L’) label is Ralph Lauren’s venture into the world of heritage workwear and Americana style. With a focus on creating high-quality pieces that are steeped in history, each piece bears traces of its predecessors, but has been remade in a wholly original way. Naturally centered around denim, RRL allows the brand to resonate with vintage lovers and denim collectors alike.

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The beginnings of RRL are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it’s believed that the brand formed after Ralph Lauren himself purchased a Colorado ranch in back in the late 1980s. Set in over 15,000 acres of land, the ranch was bought by Ralph as an escape, but it’s rural locale soon inspired him to explore the worlds of western workwear and vintage Americana. Leading Ralph Lauren to create a completely separate brand to channel this newly inspired label and thus, RRL was born in 1993. With the unspoilt American wilderness and his idyllic Colorado ranch providing the stimulus, Ralph Lauren looked to the workwear worn by the gold rush miners and ranch hands of the mid- to late-1800s for inspiration. With the military wear of the American Civil War and World Wars also inspiring this brand new label. Encapsulating the heritage of the American West his leather boots and jackets, Navajo-print blankets, and of course, blue denim has become the key Americana elements of RRL .

Over twenty-five years since its conception, RRL is now a highly sought after label that’s admired and collected by connoisseurs the world over. It’s also said that Mr Lauren himself has a hand in selecting RRL stockists which makes us incredibly proud here at the Sporting Lodge to have been chosen as one of literally just a handful of stockists here in the UK.

Written by Neil Summers

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