Brand Focus – Schoffel Jackets

Schoffel jacket

Designed by British shooters with German quality

Our range of Schoffel jackets cater for the outdoor fieldsports gentleman with a penchant for the finest quality and the latest, impressive materials. Thorough planning and dedicated thought has visibly been injected into this brand – Schoffel have created not just outer layers, but mid layers such as the Schoffel Cottesmore Fleece.

We love Schoffel because it seems that they never fail to cover all grounds when it comes to comfort, style and overall exceptional quality. Schoffel do not go unnoticed, as the proud German name strongly suggests – they take pride in being the best that they can possibly be. Designed by British shooters The Ptarmigan has become the most popular shooting jacket on the market, made especially for British fieldsports. It provides comfort and weather protection and all that the British climate throws at it. Designed with ease of movement when mounting a gun, The Ptarmigan will always be a British favourite.

We stock a wide range of Schoffel products, including jackets on our website, and cater for all sizes on our website and in-store.

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