Brand Focus – Habsburg

Prestigious Clothing Brand Habsburg

Prestigious clothing brand Habsburg prides themselves on their elegance, and ability to tailor their clothing for any occasion. In 1992, Habsburg was launched at Schloss Blühnbach in Salzburg, where Franz Ferdinand visited on a regular basis. His Imperial Highness Karl von Habsburg was a guest here, too. At the time, this unique family business successfully became one of the most respected apparel manufacturers in the whole of Austria.

The unique clothing Habsburg creates is of superior quality, versatility and displays a special, timeless design. Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg’s signature style is said to be a mix of tradition and contemporary fashion, incorporating the classic Austrian charm. The collections are not short of style and class.

Honing in on materials – loden cloth from Tyrol, cashmere from Mongolia and velvet and herringbone linen from Italy are just a handful of the superior fabrics that are used to make clothing at Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg. A few interesting skills are also used to craft and form each masterpiece – for example, precise hand stitching and embroidery.

Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg radiates unmistakeable and undeniable charm that is only sold by us, The Sporting Lodge, in the UK. View the collection at The Sporting Lodge, and look out for AW2014 arrivals coming soon!