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Boker Finest German Knifes

It was during the early 70s when George MacFarlaine, founder of The Sporting Lodge, was touring Germany and came across Boker knives while searching for fine barrel makers for his shotguns. A keen knife enthusiast, George purchased some small knives to use in his workshop.

Some forty years later, The Sporting Lodge now stock a range of these finest and well priced German knives, which started life in the small Boeker tool factory in Remscheid in the 17th century. Boeker tools then and known as Boker now, were among the leading products in Germany and neighbouring countries.

In 1829 the factory produced 2,000 sabers a week, made by 64 smiths, 47 grinders and a large number of unskilled laborers. In the 1830s, Hermann Boeker emigrated and founded H. Boeker & Co. in New York, developed into Canada, and then Mexico later in 1865.

Heinrich Boeker took production to Solingen, where the German industry of cutting tools was growing. In 1869, he founded Heinr. Boeker & Co. with Hermann Heuser, a well-known specialist in the field of cutting tools. The Boeker family produced shaving blades, scissors and pocket knives which bore the famous tree symbol.

The Sporting Lodge carry a range of knives selected for their durability, practical use and finest materials.

Boker Magnum Bon Appetite Pocket KnifeWhat could be more practical than the Boker Magnum Bon Appetite Pocket Knife? Knife, fork and spoon are made of 440 steel and are separated from each other thanks to the use of an innovative fastener technology. We carry this little set of eating tools on our picnics in the forests and woodland trips, and it’s the perfect camping cutlery set. Never be without cutlery on the go!

Boker Arbolito Eltrampero Ciervo stag knifeAs a gift for the knife enthusiast, the Boker Arbolito Eltrampero Ciervo stag knife is a lovely stag handled hunting and general outdoors knife, in Böhler N695 steel, with a full and tapered tang. This attractive knife comes complete with a premium leather sheath.

Boker Magnum Silver Pin Quincewood Pocket KnifeWidely grown in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, quince wood dates back to the 13th century in England, when quince trees were planted by Edward I at the Tower of London. It has a fine patina and markings. Our Boker Magnum Silver Pin Quincewood Pocket Knife has handsome quincewood handle scales and brushed stainless steel bolsters with a handy lock back mechanism.

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