Beretta Since 1526

Bereta Detailed Gun Engraving

In 1526 Bartolomeo Beretta sold 185 of his cutting edge, high quality ‘arquebus’ barrels to the arsenal of Venice and in doing so started up what is now the oldest active firearms manufacturers in the world, Beretta. A world renowned brand whose incredible history even includes a Beretta gun finding its way across the Atlantic on board the Mayflower’s legendary journey alongside the founding fathers of modern America. Unsurprisingly this legendary ‘Mayflower Gun’ can now be found  sitting proudly on display at the NRA’s museum in Fairfax, Virginia.

Beretta’s ‘Arquebus’ ‘hook gun’
‘Arquebus’ meaning ‘hook gun’ was Beretta’s first gun ever made.

Over the centuries to follow Beretta have successfully remained a family run business as well as keeping their reputation as a brand totally dedicated to quality and beautiful Italian design. Based in Brescia in the North of Italy, the Beretta Headquarters boasts it’s very own museum featuring more than 900 pieces on display including guns previously owned by John Adams and Napoleon. In addition to making some of the world’s finest firearms, accessories and clothing Beretta also produce a number of renowned Italian wines as well as running a non-profit organisation dedicated to cancer research. It’s hard to think of another brand (even one outside of the world of shooting or sport) that have consistently made  incredible products over such an impressive amount of time and who knows where the next 500 years will take this fantastic Italian company…

We can’t wait to see. View the full range of Beretta clothing and accessories at The Sporting Lodge.

by Neil Summers.