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Filson – Best of the Best

Staying true to their ethos of ‘might as well have the best’ American brand Filson have chosen one of Britain’s best designers, Nigel Cabourn to create their special edition adjustable hunt coat.  Made in the USA this substantial corduroy collared coat features a detachable hood and is constructed from 16 oz paraffin waxed cotton that will keep the rain out and provide each coat with it’s own unique and beautiful patina. The inspiration comes from a WWI jacket from Nigel’s extensive archive of military clothing, which has provided the basis for much of Nigel’s own collections and garnered him global recognition and acclaim for his incredibly detailed and accurate work. Combining his forty years of expertise in making specialist outerwear with Filson’s expert manufacturing this jacket is as much a collector’s piece as it is a fully functioning and practical item of outdoor clothing. So if you’re looking for the ultimate coat then you might as well have the best (of the best).

The Adjustable Hunt Coat is available in many sizes, get the best today! View the full Filson range.

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Barbour, for Queen and Country

Although Barbour has an impressive and illustrious history dating way back to 1894 it was during the 1980s that the family owned business became a household name in the UK. Prior to then their reputation for incredible outerwear had tended to be something of a well kept secret by those who enjoyed country pursuits or riding motorcycles. Though the combination of their second royal warrants arriving (this time for the queen herself) and the first of their iconic Bedale and Beaufort jackets being produced meant that the cat was well and truly out of the (wax) bag.

During this aspirational decade one of the true signs that you’d really ‘made it’ was having a place in the country to go to at the weekend that had to include an AGA oven, a range rover, a chocolate Labrador or two and of course a wax jacket. With the upwardly mobile city-slickers soon realising that if Barbour was good enough for the royal family then it was good enough for them too. In fact the South Shields based brand made such an impact back then that their reputation for this old-fashioned yet still incredibly effective form of waterproofing means that it’s still impossible to think of a wax jacket without also thinking of Barbour at the same time even now. This is no doubt helped by the fact that when you buy a Barbour it becomes more than just an item of clothing, it becomes a part of you that improves with age and with the right amount of care and the odd re-waxing will last you a lifetime.

Browse the wonderful world of Barbour at The Sporting Lodge.