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Grenfell – The ‘Clapton’ Jacket

by Neil Summers.

Though Grenfell are world renowned for using their ‘wonder cloth’ to create classic British outerwear you may be surprised to know that for this season they’ve created a ‘hybrid’ garment that’s named after a legendary Rock-star. Combining two of arguably the two most iconic garments in menswear ever, the Clapton jacket seamlessly blends the three-button British blazer with the trench-coat using water-repellent Italian gabardine cotton and fine merino wool. Legendary rock and blues musician Eric Clapton appreciates fine luxury outerwear that’s made in Britain almost as much as he does a Fender Stratocaster, hence Grenfell bestowing the honour of naming their latest jacket after him. So with the clocks in the UK due to go back this weekend with a Clapton jacket on you really will look wonderful tonight from as early on as 4.45pm.

We’re so pleased to be stocking Grenfell clothing at The Sporting Lodge, we hope you like it as much as we do!

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The History of Musto

Neil Summer, our guest blogger digs into the history of Musto.

When it comes to performance engineered clothing British brand Musto having both the land and sea covered. As the world’s leading offshore sailing brand with 50 years of making cutting edge apparel behind them their fabric technology and ergonomic design has also made them major players worlds of both equestrian and shooting clothing.

The brand arose from the slightly built Keith Musto who as a member of the British sailing quad found that by training as hard as Olympic athletes he was able to win a silver medal in a heavyweight boat by simply being fitter than his opponents. It was during the relentless training for the olympics that he realised Guernsey sweaters and flannel trousers were inappropriate attire and so set out to create a line of ground-breaking technical sailing apparel.

Having set up a workshop in an old WWII prisoner hut in Essex Keith started teaching himself the basics of design and fabrics by making sails as Musto & Hyde with his friend Edward Hyde. By 1980 Keith went solo in order to turn his hand solely to clothing manufacture as ‘Musto’ a name that was quickly acknowledged as being makers of the best sailing kit available. Worn and endorsed by the world’s most celebrated sailors with the red silhouette of Keith’s Olympic winning Flying Dutchman boat emblazoned on the sailing apparel instantly recognised mark of excellence.

A family business it was Keith’s son Nigel who took up shooting that opened up the opportunity for Musto to develop their shooting range. As with his discovery with sailing Keith recognised there was a similar demand for technical clothing that would keep shooters warm, dry and comfortable. By fusing performance fabrics alongside timeless, classic styles the Musto has also become the leader in British country sporting wear.

We’re delighted to now be stocking Musto products, we hope you like them as much as we do! Browse the full range here.