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Introducing Pittards Leather

The Sporting Lodge are delighted to now stock a fine collection of Pittards leather goods.

Pittards was established by Charles Pittard in Yeovil, Somerset, in 1826 as a leather dressing business supplying the many glove makers in the local area.

Originally, Pittards would have worked only with local Somerset sheepskins, but in the early 20th century the company began sourcing from Africa. It was recognized that Cabretta or “hairsheep” skins were more suitable for glove making with their finer hair follicles and high tensile strength.

Last century, the company began dyeing leathers and improving technical qualities such as waterproof and washable leathers – a major breakthrough that drove sales of dress gloves, as well as establishing partnerships with the military for better performing gloves for soldiers and pilots.

At the The Sporting Lodge, we’re always looking for great British manufacturers to add to our collection. Pittards continues to offer the finest leather bags and gloves all made in the UK.

We are offering a small selection of handpicked leather bags that we have tried and tested in our travels and we believe offer outstanding quality that will age gracefully over the years.