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House of Cheviot

Here at The Sporting Lodge we source the finest socks for hunting, shooting, fishing and country pursuits with comfort and practicality in mind. We have been working with the House of Cheviot for many years.

The company is based in Hawick, the world-renowned home of luxury knitwear, where tradition stretches back to 1771. Bailie John Hardie introduced the first four stocking frames to Hawick, which was to become a world renowned centre for sock production. House of Cheviot are proud to incorporate traditional knitting skills first developed over 200 years ago, paired with new levels of creativity in design and the very latest knitting technology.

It takes around two hours to hand make each pair of shooting or kilt socks, and the small factor nestled in the Scottish Borders crafts between 60,000 to 70,000 pairs a year using traditional knitting techniques that have been handed down over centuries.

Sadly, few woollen mills have survived, due to significant changes in technology and production. However, House of Cheviot grow from strength to strength and The Sporting Lodge will continue to support them for many years to come, as our customers love the socks!

Below: House of Cheviot technology director Robin Deas ensures each pair is individually checked.

Below: Machines in the House of Cheviot mill range from traditional pieces more than 80 years old to the latest cutting-edge technology. While some of the process has been mechanised, socks are crafted in the same traditional way, staying true to the company heritage.

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Buy British Day

Here at The Sporting Lodge we are passionate about our history and our roots which are firmly based in Britain. We try wherever possible to source products, manufacturers or individuals that are British based to carry British heritage and manufacturing that has always been renowned throughout the world.

With the sad news constantly in our media regarding the demise of British manufacturing, we are always striving to support British manufacturing – whether this be from existing mills, small manufacturing outlets, or even the much loved British garden shed. We have the knowledge, products and the talent all based on our small island but are constantly up against fast growing economies who can churn out millions of products at a vastly cheaper price with a huge workforce but do not supply the quality which Britain is renowned for.

Are times changing? Yes they are. Customers from all over the world even in the far flung reaches are realising British products are made with attention to detail, quality fabrics and with a workforce that is treated fairly and produce consistently a quality finished product. Buying British supports our beleaguered industry for future years and keeps Britain firmly on the map and in the minds of those who do not reside on our fair isle.

This October, we’re celebrating Buy British Day, Saturday 3rd October, by offering 20% off fantastic British brands – including BradyAbraham MoonFailsworthJames Purdey and SonsPrivate White and The Sporting Lodge. To claim your discount, enter code BESTOFUK at checkout.